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Only someone who is has seen God, knows God. If you want to see Jesus, then your name address and phone number to the address below. Information will not be available to other religions who use God's wisdom to promote their evil agendas. If you don't believe I'm the Messiah, you're not gonna believe Jesus is Jesus. Most people believe that Donald Trump is Jesus or the pope is Jesus. But I'm the only one who knows Jesus. Jesus is not a plastic man on a cross or a stone statue. Jesus is not invisible. My purpose is to prepare people to see Jesus. There is no rapture. The devil teaches lies in the church and Christians are waiting to be raptured. But all Christians, Muslims and Jews have been doing for the last 2000 years, is dying in their sins while the devil deceives them to get their money. Jesus said those who see him will never die and if you believe the words of Jesus, you will believe I am the Messiah.

Iíve been doing this for 30 years and havenít made a penny. I spent at least 50 thousand dollars since 1990 preaching this stuff, sending out books, computer equipment, cameras, Internet access, fax machines, etc. Some guy thought I was making it rich, so he tried to copy me and wrote a book titled the Gospel according to Timothy and tried to sell it, he sold less copies than I did and Iíve only sold five copies. Check out his book https://www.amazon.com/Gospel-According-Timothy/dp/1435734017 and check out mine https://www.amazon.com/Gospel-Timothy-Campbell/dp/1575021501 Everybody knows he was a fraud if you read the comment section. One star one review.

God does not appear to sinners. God does not appear to gunowners. God does not appear to people like to watch sports. God wouldnít be caught dead driving a car or going to a Christian church. My goal is to prepare people to see God. If youíre not worthy to stand before me, youíre not going to be worthy to stand before God. You understand that? Iím not only looking for people who want to see Jesus, Iím looking for people who are worthy to stand before Jesus. I havenít found any and Iím not going to lower my standards.

If you want to drive a car and watch sports, go join the Catholic Church with the pedophiles, the con artist and the rapist. or go join O'Steen's church and learn how to be a Con artist like him, so that you can open your own church and become a millionaire. But O'Steen's followers are going to wake up to the truth when their homes are flooded and their cars go floating down the street and they find out that they're in the wrong religion, they are going to hang O'Steen by the balls.

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