The Gospel of Timothy



October 29, 2020

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By Timothy Allen Campbell


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              When Moses saw God, the editors claimed he saw a burning bush, Exodus 24:9-11. When the my Gospel was sent to several religious publishers, they stated that the book was not their genre. Which means that it talks about God as if He was real. All those "who go to school long enough to become editors" learn about God as a myth or invisible spirit. If you don't accept what they teach, you cannot get a degree to be an editor. They take from the tree of knowledge. Everything they know comes from books that were not inspired by God. They were edited and inspired by the wisest of all creatures, Genesis 3:1-13. True believers, cannot emotionally handle going to school long enough to become an editor. It hurts to hear lies being taught about God. When unbelieving writers twist the word of God around, it makes it sound ridiculous. When I told them that I saw God, they claimed that I saw Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is not real and does not have the power to become visible, but God is real and is made visible by His power.

              This book was written and edited by me, I feel its message would be changed if edited by someone who did not see God. The message might be hard for an unbelieving editor to interpret correctly. Only those who have the same experience can relate. Also, I do not feel that my message should be changed, just because I read and write at a fourth grade level, although a spell checker and Grammatik were used. The grammar might be a little off and the words might not be so distinguished, but the message should be more clear to those who are not College educated. Most books are written and edited by College graduates and people with high school or below education could have a difficult time understanding them. I know from my own experience. Forgive me if I am not perfect, you might find some errors.



              In this world of different religions, there is much confusion about whom God is. Understanding God might be easier, if we analyze what God is not. God is not a Christian, Buddhist nor Muslim. He is not Taoist, Jewish, or Hindu. Not Baptist, Mormon or even a Jehovah Witness. God is not Atheist either, He believes in Himself. God is what He is.

              Jesus was not a Christian. The Jews claim He was a Jew, but that does not mean He was Jewish. The problem with organized religions is that they are not Timist. A Timist is one who keeps up with the times. With God's help maybe we can convert all into Timotheans. Jesus honored God, therefore He was a Timothean. Timothy means "he who honors God." A Timothean is one who honors God. God is against organized religions, because when people gather together, they make themselves gods. Where there is one, God is with Him. Jesus did not belong to any religion, He believed in Himself.

               God is a Timonist. A Timonist is one who hates Mortals. The reason why people are Mortal is because they sinned against God. The penalty for sin is death. Parents are reluctant to teach their children that the reason why we die is because we sinned against God. Not in the History of creation has a righteous man grown old and died. To know God is complete righteousness. There are no righteous men on earth, not even one, Psalm 14:1-3.

              The Government that they will not destroy, nor give to other people, is the Timocracy. In Plato's Politics, a Timocracy is a Government where love, honor and the Glory of God are the primary principals of the rulers. In Aristotle's Politics, a Timocracy is where political power is in proportion to material possessions. A Timocracy is a new world Government that will prepare men to see God and become immortal. Before God created the World, King Messiahs name was in His mind. When Timothy said that the purpose of Life, is to see God, that made him King Messiah. In the Timocracy, the number one occupation will be to learn about God. When one exults Jesus to being God, that makes Him King Messiah. King Messiahs name was in Gods mind before the world began. The time will come when every man, both faithful and the faithless will see God.

              If they have not seen God, they do not know God. God appeared to Abraham, Jacob, and Moses. When God appears, you will know the God of Timothy. If only my words were written in stone, for I have heard of God with my ears, but now my eyes have seen God, who I beheld for myself and not another, Job 19:23-27, 42:5-7. That vision inspired me to write this book. God is our Father, when you see Him, you will recognize Him. When I look into a mirror, I see the resemblance. Man is not invisible, neither is God. God moved over the surface of the water and seen His image and He created man in His likeness, Genesis 1:2,26,27. Do not pray for material things, pray to see God. Pray to know God and He will give all these things to you. God is just as visible as His creation. To claim that Gods creation is more real and visible than God Himself, would be insanity. He gave man eyes to see Him with, ears to hear His voice and arms to embrace Him.

              I am not claiming that seeing God is easy. Finding the creator is very hard. The more you know about God the easier it will be to find Him. I cannot guarantee that you will see God. I can guarantee that you will not see God if you do not know you can. All doubt must be removed from your mind. There must be a desire to see Him. We seek to see the one we love. The original Christian Gospel promised the faithful a vision of the one God. The more we hear about people who have seen God, the easier it will be to find Him. Faith comes by hearing the stories of those who saw God. Ask and you shall receive seek and you shall find. Believe and you will see, see and you will believe for seeing is believing. To claim to know God without seeing Him would be blasphemy. Keep seeking until you find.











This book is dedicated to my Mother, Betty,

she was murdered by doctors in 1978

 and my Dad, Joseph Campbell,

 he was murdered by doctors in 1995




Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION                                                                         8.

              Questions                                                                                       19.

              My true story                                                                                 20.

              Gods' Name                                                                                   40.

Chapter 2 ANYONE CAN SEE GOD                                                      41.

              Proof of the existence of God                                                       46.

              Why preachers don't know God                                                    51.

              Confession is Salvation                                                                 52.

              Immortality                                                                                   53.

Chapter 3 FAITHFUL TO SATAN                                                             56.

              Insanity                                                                                          58.

              How can god let evil exist?                                                           65.

              Parables on Judgement                                                                  81.

              Concerning the date                                                                      92.

              Capitalist or oppressors                                                              101.

              The tree of life & evil.                                                                103.

Chapter 4 MIRACLES                                                                             105.

              The power of unbelief                                                                109.

              The Messiah                                                                               111.

              Falling away from Church                                                          113.

Chapter 5 CONCLUSION                                                                        115.

              Antisocial Bars                                                                           119.

              What I believe                                                                            123.

              Funeral prayer                                                                            129.

              Answers to questions                                                                  132.

              Bibliography                                                                               134.


 Chapter 1




              Caution, this material could change your belief's. It must be read with an open mind. Clear everything you were taught about God in the past and read this Gospel in the present moment. Try not to stop reading or make judgments until you have read the whole book. Then you will learn more about God than the scholars. We were never wrong about God, we were only taught lies about Him. We only know what we are taught. We are what we know and to learn is to change.

              Some of the things I teach in this book is; man is Mortal because of his ignorance; heaven that God created is in this world; God is not religious and He has no name; all men must be saved or no man can be saved and the true God has the power to make Himself visible anywhere and anytime. I try to deprogram the false beliefs taught by the early Church Babylon, that taught that no one can see God, Isaiah 47:10. This book is based on my own experience for I have seen God for myself. I believe it will prepare the world to see God and to show the reasons for evil.

              This Gospel will prove God's existence. God proves His existence by His witnesses and I donМt mean Jehovah witnesses, I mean people who have seen God. The goal of the Gospel is to save men. Men are already under the penalty of death. Salvation comes by preaching God incarnate. The Gospel is God incarnate in visible flesh and blood to redeem men from the fall. This is the good news that is not suppose to frighten people. We are not suppose to fear seeing God, there is no fear in love. God appeared to Abraham, Genesis 18:1, Moses, Exodus, 3:16, and Jacob, Genesis 35:9, 32:30. It was Moses who was afraid to look at God, Exodus 3:6. Only mortals have not seen God. The goal of man is to see God and become immortal.

              We like to listen to someone who is one of us. When a Jew sees a Christian, he immediately thinks of him as the enemy. If a Christian says he is a Jewish Rabbi, the Jews will listen, thinking the Christian is one of them. Moses the Hebrew, overthrew the Egyptians by becoming one of them. He convinced them that taking one day a week rest was an Egyptian idea. If we think, someone is on our side we will listen to them. To use the old testament to show the Jews that God is and was visible, is to convert them to Christianity. To teach a Christian the definition of the name Christian would convert them to Judaism or Atheism. Don't believe in any God, until you see Him. Once all the people "who believe in God" believe that He is visible, there will be no Atheist or Gentiles. Atheist claim, that God cannot exist because of the differences in the church. Yet Atheist do not understand that all religions are false. The best way to convert an Atheist is to become one. When we convert to the beliefs of our friends that is called peer pressure. It is important not to receive a label to be able to get at the truth.

              Christian means "Christ's I am." Antichrist, claims to be Christ, only Christ can be Christ. When you see Christ, you become Christ. Only people who see Christ can be a Christian. Those claiming to be a Christian without seeing Christ, are Antichrists. God lives in the tabernacle of Jesus the Christ. The spirit of the Antichrist lives in the body of every man born of Adam. When you see Christ you become Christ. We are what we see. Only those who have seen Christ can claim to be Christian.

              The best way to interpret the Bible is to look up the words in a Dictionary. If you have someone interpret the Bible for you, your listening to Satan. Plato said, before conversation can take place the terms have to be defined. According to Webster's Dictionary, the word "appeared" means to come forth "be visible." The Lord God said "let the dry land appear," Genesis 1:9. When the Judge says to appear in court, he wants your body not your spirit. When God appears He is there in person. Satan is a teacher of lies and he deceives us by changing the meaning of Gods words.

              Opinions are based on what we were taught and what we learn by experience. We are never wrong. We must look to the person or institutions who taught us what we know. If I don't agree with someone, I might ask who taught them what they know and compare it with who taught me what I know. Experience is the best teacher. We can be taught lies, but only experience can change lies into truth. We must learn from experience. If we take from the tree of knowledge, it is a sin. I try to teach what I learn from experience.

              We only know what we are taught. If we find a false belief, we will hold on to it as if it were truth. We were taught that the Statue of Justice stood for truth, in reality, every righteous man that stood for truth, Plato, Socrates and even Jesus, were killed by false beliefs of those who serve the image of the Statue of Justice. Doctors, lawyers, and judges all take from the tree of knowledge and serve this image. They never had the disease or injuries and yet they are made to judge. All crime is caused by disabled people trying to make a living, because of the doctors that serve the image the disabled cannot prove they are disabled. A doctor can never be an expert on a disease or injury unless he has it. Even then, he must understand that not all men are alike. There are now 1.6 million disabled people in prison and they canМt prove it just like we cannot prove OJ is innocent or Guilty. Most of them are in denial, it is easier to admit to having alcoholism, than to admit to being disabled. We cannot prove that God exist, even thought eight million people have seen God. The only way to change the world, is to change the teachers and unless every doctor Lawyer and Judge is disabled in a Nuclear War they will not be able to learn.

              Teach a man to drive a taxi and he is a taxi driver. Teach a taxi driver to drive a truck and he is a truck driver, to operate a computer then a computer operator. Whatever a man is taught, that's what a man is. Teach him Judaism and he is a Jew, Christianity a Christian. Teach the things of God, he will be Like God. Teaching others about God is the purpose of writing this book, however I could be wrong on some things but I am willing to be taught.

              This is the 1990's and we are still living with the beliefs of the stone ages. The Justice system was set up by the Greek and Roman empire over 2,000 years ago. Religions were handed down from generation to generation. All the religious, along with their false beliefs, have died. Their false beliefs killed them. It's time to realize that the people back then might have been insane and we should look at the facts. There should be a new rule, if a person dies, his beliefs should die with him.

              The truth should make you free. If you ask most people in prison, they will tell you otherwise. Confessing the truth put them in jail. There is no freedom of speech, everything you say will be used against you. There are a lot of cigarette smokers in Prison. Smoking is such an addictive drug that the police can put you in an interrogation room and not give you a cigarette until you confess to a crime you did not commit. The addiction to tobacco is so strong that after 5 hours of interrogation without a cigarette you will confess to killing Jimmy Hoffa just to get a cigarette. The only true Justice is Gods Judgement on Judgement day. Where God will Judge the World by Nuclear War. Be afraid of the Sword, for Gods wrath brings forth the punishment by War, that the Living might know that there will be a Judgement, Job 19:29. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth and they will only learn when Nuclear weapons blow the arms and legs off of all those who believed Doctors or the dead Jesus would heal them.

              My book generates one of two reactions from people. The nonbeliever usually laughs and thinks I'm nuts and the believer seems to be a little frightened. I don't mean to cause either reaction. The Gospel means "Good News" and is intended to make people happy. I saw God, you should not be frightened, and that is the Gospel. The righteous shall never die and Judgement day is for the wicked doctors lawyers and Judges who serve the image of the beast. There are only two kinds of people in the world those seeking to see God and those who are not. The doctors lawyers and Judges and not seeking to see God and further they throw those who have seen God in prison or mental institutions. Serve God only and donМt be frightened.

              Confession of faith is all that is needed for salvation. Believe that I saw God and confess this to others', then that's a confession of faith. Believe that you will see God and confess it, then that's a confession of faith. Confession will lead to salvation. It does not matter what you did in the past. The sin, which leads to death, is to set up a false image of God.                     Believe in the second coming, then tell the gentiles that you will see God. If you do not have enough faith, then use my faith. Christ is God visibly incarnate. I told a stranger that I was going to see God and the next man who I seen was God. All men will die because of sin. But those who see God are born again as a immortal son of God. Those who are not immortal are not saved and those who cannot confess that they will see God, do not believe that god exist or they donМt believe that God has the power to make Himself visible.

              The bad news is that you cannot see God when you're dead. There are no dead people in heaven. God is forever alive and those who know Him will live forever. Those who have not seen Him, do not know Him. They are under the penalty of death, for the penalty for sin is death. I would never lie to my children, I would tell them that the reason why we die is because we sinned against God. People who lie to their children and tell them that they go to heaven when they die, should be locked up in the psychiatric ward of a mental hospital. God has the power to make Himself visible and known. Those who do not believe this do not believe in God. Those who don't have the faith to see Him while alive, won't have the faith to see Him when they're dead. There are those seeking to see God and those who are not. The false religions are those who think they know God and they refuse to seek Him. They never seen Him and they claim to know Him. Seek to see God while you're alive, if you wait until you're dead it will be too late.

              I don't mean for this to sound like a sermon, I am not religious. Catholics and Christians have rejected my book on the basis that they think that God lives inside themselves, making them God. I don't profess to know all the answers. This book is based on what I have seen and what I learned by experience. Some is opinion and some is theory. In this world nothing can be proven. The minute you prove that the world is flat, God will make it round. You prove that man cannot walk on water and man will walk on water. With God all things are possible. Truth can only come from above and perhaps there is no truth on earth. I would rather be considered a teacher, than a preacher.

              The Book tells how I saw God in the flesh and tells my opinion on the reasons why there is evil in this world. The Bible plainly states Р the evil have not seen God, 3 John 11П and you should never learn about God from someone who has not seen Him. I believe that my book will prepare the earth for God's return. Both the faithful and faithless men will see God. If not by their faith, then by mine. All that is required of men is for them to ask God to show Himself to them. God does not like to reveal Himself to people before they are prepared. When the devotee is ready, the teacher will appear. Only when man sees God can he keep his Laws. The Law of the torah can only be kept in Israel. The name РIsraelП means, the man that sees God.



Salvation comes in three steps.


1. Belief, believe that you will see God. Belief is what you think is true.

2. Faith, know that you will see God. Faith is what you know is true.

3. Manifestation, God visibly incarnate in the flesh. Manifestation, is the visible incarnation of the things from the invisible world. Manifestation is everything visible in this material world. He spoke and His word became matter. God said let the dry lands appear and it was there. That which was once invisible became visible.

              God is matter. Before the word of God, there was no God. The word was God. When there was silence there was no God. Everything that exists is God. God evolved and is still evolving by His word. The word became flesh or matter.

              God created everything by evolution. It took longer than six thousand years. There are many different definitions of the word "day." There are our twenty-four hour days. But, before the earth was created there were celestial days. They equal about twenty six thousand years. The early church fathers did not have the Hubble telescope. They did not know enough about the stars to know about celestial days. God is what He is in the way that He never changes, but changing is one of His attributes so He never stops changing.

              If a preacher says you are saved, that preacher is a liar. Only God can save people. The preacher cannot even guarantee his own salvation. Timothy was a man of God and yet he was not guaranteed salvation, 1 Timothy 4:16. He had to study the Bible and learn more about God from other books. Timothy relied on God to save him, not on Paul.

              The Gospel of Timothy dissolves false teachings, by reason, common sense and informative sources. It is based on Timothy's true story of when He saw God in California, in 1985. He knew that there was a God who had the power to make Himself visible. He sought Him, until he seen Him. This book tells about His experiences.

              There are many people who have seen God. This book gives testimonies, from every religion. An Antichrist is against Christ, who is God visibly incarnate. Antichrist wants power and control, when people see God the Antichrist loses power. The purpose of the Gospel is to destroy the Antichrist by teaching about the God who has power to make Himself visible. God is visible the Antichrist is a deceiving spirit that lives in all mortal men. Once the Antichrist is destroyed, Christ will return and death will come to an end. If you have not seen God search for those who have seen Him and find out how they did it. The Antichrist says the exact opposite of what God says. Moses was called the false prophet that deceived the Nation because he claimed that no one could see God and live. It is the opposite, no one shall see God and die and all those who do not see God will die in their sins. Faith comes by hearing the testimonies of the witnesses who have seen God.

              Nobody knows the true God, if they did, they would be immortal, John 11:26. Religions are established by angels of God to prevent people from eating from the tree and living forever, Genesis 3:22-24. Yet anyone can see God and become immortals. None seek God, not even one, Psalms 14:2.

              God is visible, He never was invisible. Religions are serving a false image of God, therefore, are under the penalty of death. There are many false religious teachings, it is almost impossible to get at the truth. Even the angels in heaven have not seen God. The number of false teachings is infinite and there is only one absolute truth, the visible God.

              Antichrist is against the visible incarnation. He will try to control people with the abomination of desolation, which is a false image of God. People must fall away from the Church first, before Jesus comes, so that the man of sin can be revealed. When God gives the commandment to leave the Church, the only ones left in it will be the Antichrist. The Antichrist has always been ruling the world and he controls the people to do his will by teaching lies. Antichrist is destroyed at Christ appearing.

              The Antichrist builds Cities of delusion out of mens blood. If the lord has not built it, men labor in vain, Psalms 127:1. God sends His prophets to warn the Antichrist not to build Cities of God will cause hurricanes and earthquakes to destroy them and the Antichrist taught that if God had the power to bring earthquakes he could heal those who were injured on the Job so he could build more Cities. The Bible says the preachers should practice what they preach. If the preachers says Jesus will heal injuries go ahead and try Him by chopping of the preachers arms with an ax, if he still wants to preach Jesus heals after that then it is his problem. All crime is caused by the Antichrist building material goods. If you have never turned to crime it is because you have never been seriously injured. 50,000 people a year die in car accidents and over 30 people have died building New Yorks water system. How many people must die before stupid Mortal figure out building is not Gods will? It is the testimony of the vision of Jesus that destroys the Anti-Christ. If it was Gods will to build autos, streets and skyscrapers, then no one would ever be injured by building them.

              This is the Timothy that the last two books of the Bible were addressed. This book will be inserted in the back of the Bible. It is quite unfortunate that there will be many people who will not accept the Gospel of Timothy as the Timothy of the Bible. For these people will not accept Christ as the Christ of the Bible when He comes. Timothy is the one sent to prepare the path for Christ return. Timothy was the thirteenth Apostle of Jesus. This is why thirteen is an unlucky number to the masses. Some say that Timothy was to Judge the world at the end of time. He would bring the world of Mortals to an end. Paul wrote the letters to Timothy as if Timothy would be alive in the latter days, 2 Timothy 3:1.

              If you do not at first live in darkness you cannot see the light. They say that at the speed of light, time stands still. Nothing moves at the speed of Light so that everything that moves is part of the darkness. Everything that moves is moving slower than the speed of Light. If you have two rockets, one moving at the speed of light and one moving 1,000 miles slower than the speed of light the one moving at 1,000 miles slower than the speed of light will be the only one moving and it will be moving at 1,000 miles per hour. The light can only shine in the dark.



The mystical cover of the Gospel of Timothy




The cover of the book is black and yellow,

For the light of the sun was yellow and not white.

The light sent the word into darkness,

And anyone could see God.

From the darkness

Came the light of the Gospel of Timothy.

From the light,

God descended into darkness, and became flesh.

And out of the darkness,

Timothy Campbell saw the light.


QUESTIONS, do you know the answers?




1. If God is so powerful, why can't he make himself visible?

2. Who said that no one sees God?

3. If we are not worthy to get to heaven when alive, how can we be worthy when we are dead?

4. Who wrote the Bible?

5. Who decides what the word of God is?

6. Why are men Mortal?

7. Why won't God show Himself to you?

8. If the people do not believe in the True God, why does God let them live?

9. If a man was immortal, could he create a universe?

10. What if God's image was the same as ours?

11. Who created God?


              Find the answers to these questions in the back of this book.




              When I was four, my mother said someday I would get married, have children, die and go to heaven. That sounds dumb, doesn't anyone wonder why we die? Did anyone ever see anyone go into heaven? How did she know this? Were not supposed to die, I thought, there must be another answer.


Seen a corpse come back to life


              My first miracle was three days after my fourth birthday when my grandma Campbell died. They brought me into the funeral home and I saw her sit up in her coffin. They rushed me and all others out of the room and the physicians and Priest told the rest of the people that this was just a reflex of nerves. I was too young to believe in death and didn't understand what a funeral was. I believe this is what brought her back to life and the people who believed in death killed her again. I found out later that the reason why they embalm people is to make sure they stay dead. Satans Doctors and Priest want to make sure God does not resurrect them from the dead.


Seen if rain fish


              When I was really hungry, I sat on the grass wishing I had something to eat. I am from a large family the last born of ten, we were poor and food was hard to come by. Then the next thing I know it started to rain fish. I gathered some up to put in water to save their lives. When I returned there was no more on the ground. I didn't eat any, but I was full as if I did. When I told family members, they did not believe me. They made me believe that it was just my imagination. They think children just make up miraculous stories.

              When I was twelve, I got a Job as a paper boy. While delivering papers I was attacked by a police dog that a costumer owned. When I went to my doctor, he would not see me. A different doctor came in to see me. It wasnМt until now that I found out that it was a government workers compensation Doctor. This was my first work related injury.

              Growing up was ruff, but not much happened until 1975. I was thinking about my eighteenth birthday, how I would have to sign up for the draft. As I meditated, they canceled the draft. It was as if God canceled the war on my prayers. At the time I didn't think much about it, calling it a coincidence.                               But I remember the small voice that came to me in my meditation that there would be more evil. What are we fighting for? Vietnam was meant to weed out the wicked. War is Gods way of rooting out evil, those who love to fight are killed. I thought there must be a better way to weed out the evil than War, but I guess Gods Judgement is Just seeing how murder is illegal. I guess war and earthquakes is the only answer.

              One hot summer day, while working for Detroit Bagel, we left the back door open and hundreds of frogs came in, it was Biblical. They disappeared as quickly as they came and nothing else was said about it. If it happened four hundred years earlier they would of had me burned, for being a which. I quit that Job when I almost severed my left index finger. They say that the hospitals report bagel injuries more than any other injury. Although disabled from that job, I did not file for workers compensation. I simply went out to find a new line of work at Mayco Plastics in 1977.

              My mother passed away in January 1978. That same year my brother in laws Dad was shot to death by his neighbor and my niece drowned in a swimming pool, she was only three years old. At Mayco, I got a Hernia from lifting heavy plastic tubs. I was such a good worker, they were ready to promote me to foreman. When I complained from pain from the Hernia, they fired me. They claimed that I was arguing with the supervisor. They sent me to the work clinic and they claimed there was nothing wrong. My doctor would not see me for a work related injury, he sent me to another doctor. I did not file for workers compensation even thought I was disabled from that Job. Instead I went to work for in the Machinist field, thinking that it is just an evil world and nothing can be done.

              I went into depression thinking about life and how pointless it seems to be. As I laid in bed meditating, I saw an image of a face on my dresser, through the cracks of my eyelids. When I opened my eyes wide to get a better look, the face disappeared.

              That year I packed up a few clothes and started driving. I Left my home, family and even my last paycheck to find a deeper meaning to life. I usually don't pick up a hitchhikers, but while driving a man held a sign from another car I could not read it so I pulled over thinking it was an emergency. T he sign said was going to Saint Louis so I ended up giving him a ride. He asked me if I was going pass Saint Louis and I said yes and that is how we ended in California. I knew in my mind, "if God existed," I was going to find Him or die trying. Not only did I want to talk to Him, I wanted to see Him and I felt this guy was my guide. When we got to California, we went our separate ways. He stayed at a boarding house in Long Beach, I went to Anaheim. I stayed at this weekly rate hotel. While at the hotel a man came up to me, he said "I have no place to stay can I stay with you?" I was waiting for a hard luck story, to see why he was homeless. He just stood there, so I said no. He turned and walked away. If he had a good excuse for being homeless, I might of said yes. After thinking about it I said out loud "all right, you can stay." But it was too late, he was gone. I saw Him disappear into thin air. I thought to myself,П that's not possibleП and forgot about it.

               Then I met a man that got me a Job at Kelly temporary service, I worked at a cannery. While on a lunch break a man sat next to me holding a Bible. I told him about the temporary service that sent me to different Jobs. He said that God sent him to all different jobs. He started to tell me about the Bible when I got angry he disappeared. Now I know that he must have been an angel of God. I got an injury at the cannery and was sent to the clinic and that was the end of that Job. The job related injuries were starting to mount up. If it was Gods will to work and build autos, streets and skyscrapers, then no one would ever be injured by building them.

              In 1981, while driving home, I saw a light by the side of the freeway. The light changed into a form of a beautiful woman with blond hair. Then it changed into a figure of a man, with an angry expression on His face. It frighten me enough to pull onto the side of the freeway. While at the side of the road, thinking about what I had seen, a strange man got into my car. He was wearing a white sheet and barefoot. I said "I'm sorry I don't pick up hitchhikers." He said, "I wasn't hitchhiking, Jesus will provide me with a ride." I did not know what to think. Then I asked if he wanted to get some coffee, he agreed. We stopped at a donut shop and I bought him a coffee and a doughnut. He had no wear to stay but I could not take him back to my apartment. I had a roommate and didn't think he would let me bring home a stranger. So I let him sleep in my car and dropped him off at a restaurant the next day. He did not see the light and he had no message for me. Again I forgot about the incident and the vision.

              About four years later, I was standing out on the balcony talking to my 12-year-old neighbor. The boy said, "look, that man looks like God." I said, 

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